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October 18, 2018

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So many are curious as to why we at Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound are forging this new path.
Well, the answer is simple.


Love, and the knowledge that life, in all its forms, is sacred.
If we are going to take a life we believe we have the obligation to do so as compassionately as possible.
It is our hope that practices incorporating cannabis, (where animals are part of the food chain), will become industry standards. This world has enough pain and suffering and it’s time to make it a better place..
We are going to do our part, by starting here, with this ONE thing.

**Please read on for some words from one of our cherished crew. Mick has been indispensable in our lobster experimentation and offers more light and answers on the subject in the following.**

Prior to our experiments getting lobsters “high”, we found studies indicating that yes, lobsters do indeed have cannabinoid receptors. The paper titled "Cannabinoid receptors in invertebrates" by McPartland, et al can be found online at:
We also found studies indicating that some invertebrates such as snails (and possibly also crustaceans such as lobsters, the invertebrate distant cousins of the snail) show signs of relief from trauma caused by physical pain when cannabis is administered to them. This paper is titled "Pharmacological effects of cannabinoids on learning and memory in Lymnaea" by Sunada, et al, found here online:

Based on the evidence from the research we've done, as well as studies by others on the internet, we believe that our idea has a legitimate scientific basis. We're grateful for this opportunity to contribute to the discussion of finding more humane ways of preparing our foods, and we invite the world's professional scientists to work with us to confirm or deny this idea that cannabis may help the animals we choose to eat.

-Mick, crew-member at Charlotte's Legendary Lobster Pound
 September 23, 2018
Hello all, this is Charlotte of Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound and the official home of the “high-end”,  lobster.

Here is an update in order to dispel any disinformation on the subject.

We were contacted by the state and ASKED not to move forward, (not commanded),
based on the lack of legislature in these areas, as well as their issue with the usage of personal medicinal marijuana on a lobster instead of the intended card carrying, (human), recipient.

However; that discussion has since allowed Charlotte’s Legendary and others to diligently scour Maine’s various laws and codes that pertain to both the restaurant as well as the practice itself. That said, we are currently in the process of implementing, (as well as entertaining a few practical adjustments), that we are COMPLETELY confident will bring us into undeniable compliance with not only the state, but also any other associated issues that may arrive in the future. We are not currently selling this meat, (nor have we). The lobster that we have prepared thus far was purely for our own testing and study as well as to be able to have a conclusive base of information to work from when we were eventually met with these questions.

The reports saturating the media that our “high-end”, lobster was or has ever been available by customer request, are incorrect. In fact, it’s production for the public, was not even supposed to begin until late November. However, due to all the interest, we have now decided to move the date up, and expect to offer the lobster for public sale by mid to late October. Another important note is that we are not charging for this process, and our lobster prices will stay the same as they have always been, or perhaps even go down if enough volume is generated, as ultimately, we are doing this out of compassion for the lobsters and THEIR well-being, not our own.

In conclusion, ultimately, we would like to work with the state. We are friend not foe. Not the opposition. Only a little group of hardworking Mainers trying to make the world a kinder place. Therefore, we hope to walk this new road together with them, but are ultimately willing to blaze the trail alone if need be.

While we blaze the trail, please sing along to our favorite song.

The Ty Kelly and Chuck Show   

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